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Carpe Diem! Sieze the Day!
December 23, 2008, 8:05 pm
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Wow, this is amazing. I’d like to thank the Academy…wait wrong blog. This is SOUTH HILLS LOVESAC signing on! Its almost our First Birthday, and we’re pumped and ready to tackle Year 2.  Here’s a sneak peak at your SHV cast and crew..

Oh PS..our Sac’rs are adept in many occupations, most notably our roles in various movies and TV shows.

Store Manager, Libby Libbycan be found at South Hills Village LoveSac at any given time during the week. She has also been spotted in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Funny Face and My Fair Lady. Speak to her in any language other than English and you will definitely be speaking a foreign language. She likes candle light dinners, long walks on the beach, and especially movie nights at home with her FootSac and matching Throw Pillow. She doesn’t always smoke those long cigarettes because cigarettes are gross. Most people believe her to be Audrey Hepburn, but she’ll laugh and say, no no, she was in that OTHER movie about Tiffany’s.

Ayla, Aylathe fearless ASM, has also had numerous Billboard hits, “Work It” and “Gossip Folks” as her top two favorites.As her hat displays, Ayla really is GLAM and fabulous in every way. Friday nights are her night to shine. Not only does she sing and dance, but the Karaoke machine is open to anyone willing to battle. Our friends from Gamestop try their best, but the Karaoke Crown sticks with the Sac’rs. DON’T MESS WITH THE BEST. Ask her for a sactional demonstration, they’re BOMB. She’ll even rap it to you, but first you have to give her $10 million dollars. If you visit the store when she’s around, watch out. Her bling might blind you. April’s constant sunglass-wearing began after her first encounter with Ayla. Surrounding stores close early and open late so not to disturb Miss Ayla.

Miss April –also an ASM– Aprilis sometimes disguised as her alias, Hanna Montana. Her TV show and record deal come second to her rock-star daughter Michaela. Michaela’s starring role in Happy Feet (2006) Michaelawas a box office smash, and a launch for her new found acting career. Now that “The Climb” has reached it’s way to the top of the charts, April and Ayla have planned a major talent show for LoveSac enthusiasts. The duo plan to record a song together, the name is yet to be determined. Any suggestions??! For safety purposes, April chooses to wear her sunglasses in and outdoors. After Dewey Cox went smell blind, April obviously has many risks. “I don’t take chances,” she says, “you never know when someone will flash a camera in your eyes, or the lights will just be TOO bright.”

AJ, AJknown for his subtle yet informative Sactional demonstrations, starred in his first movie in 1981, remarkably before he was born. Indiana Jones was an appropriate role for AJ, with his love for the outdoors and interest in crystal skulls. There have been many imitators, but AJ stands above the rest with his dare-devil stunts and unforgettable safari hat. He even has a fan club, the president of which visits him during every shift. Even when AJ isn’t working, the fans gather and praise, waiting for the celeb to grace them with his presence. At LoveSac, AJ has been known to scale the mountains of vacuum-sealed sacs in the back room, avoiding each and every avalanche with speed and agility. Unfortunately, he has been written up for tying rope to the ceiling and climbing to the top to pull covers off the shelves.

Jamie Jamiehas always been a huge Batman fan, so she accepted her role as Ivy with honor.  Jamie was not only honored to accept the role, she even permanently tatooed her face green to secure the part. After casting her, the director told the press, “Wow, I’ve never seen such dedication from someone. Painting the face green? Come on. No one else stood a chance. I must say, I was definitely freaked out when I saw her.” Jamie’s go-getter attitude and innovative sales tactics prove beneficial in her occupation as a Sac’r, and her part-time job as a movie star. Her favorite LoveSac in-stock fabric is Premium Moss Microsuede. If you visit Jamie during a shift, you can find her dusting shelves, watering plants, and making her felonious plans to take over the world, or the closest greenhouse.

Miss Rebecca, our newest Sac’r, not only has excellent sales skill (making her first SuperSac sale in the first hour of employment!), but her acting skills are bomb. RebeccaNo one can act surprised by a crazy guy with a mask like she can. If you’ve seen V for Vendetta, you’ll know what we’re talkin’ about. Even in her home life, crazy just always sneaks in. Her TV, radio and phone are always on an even number, just in case. In case of what, you ask?? Well for obvious reasons. 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, duh. EVERYTHING is even. Rebecca has also been seen in movies like Star Wars and Mr. Magorium’s Magic Emporium. When Rebecca first met Mr. Magorium, she knew he was a strange man. Great minds think alike, eh? The magical store made complete sense to her. There were always even numbers of each item on each evenly numbered shelf. One time, a customer wanted to buy 3 toy planes from Rebecca. She immediately fainted and asked for 2 medics to assist her in finishing the sale.

Lastly, guest appearances from Ross Park LoveSac Rock Stars Torin Crystaland Crystal are infrequent, however totally awesome. Crystal almost always sports her Dior gear, in true Kate Moss fashion. I told her last time, people aren’t always taking pictures of you, so watch where you’re swingin’ that bag.

If you would like to personally meet any of our local celebrities, stop by South Hills during mall business hours and say hello 🙂 We love visitors!