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Another Sale!?
September 15, 2009, 7:39 pm
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YOU GUYS! Come on! GET IN HERE! Here’s the deal;



See that?! 27% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE. Why? Because we’re ADDING TO THE FAMILY! You know, normally, when expanding families – people GIVE gifts to the expandees. ( Yup, I used that word). But since we like you guys so much, we’re giving YOU presents!


How it works – First person to buy from us today gets 27% OFF THEIR ENTIRE PURCHASE ( this most defintely includes SACTIONALS! ) (!!!!), second person gets 26% off, third person gets 25% off… And so on and so forth.

As of Tuesday afternoon at 3:35pm we’re still waiting for our lucky first buyer!! ( That means at 5pm when you’re out of work — YOU COULD STILL HAVE A CHANCE! ). So stop out! I’ll be waiting with bells on my toes and a party hat of excitement on!


And if you’re curious – New store is in Mall of Columbia Such a cute new baby it is… Awww…


See you soon!


CELEBRATE LoveSac… thats whats up!
September 14, 2009, 7:44 pm
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I would like to indroduce our latest promo!!!!

LoveSac is happy to announce the grand opening  of our 27th store The mall of Columbia!

You know LoveSac loves to celebrate  everything we do with everyone. Therefore, we would love to invite you to celebrate with us!

Tuesday the 15th, stop by our south hills village location, the first 27 customers receive an AWESOME discount.  First customer receives 27% the second 26%  and down from there. You get the point! : )

However you got to purchase something that same day or you do not receive the discount! which  I know you want a discount!

P.S. This also works when buying sactionals, which is like seeing  the flower that blooms every 1000 yrs… like never! So if you’ve been wanting to get that awesome sactional set up that you absolutely need. Now is the time to jump on it and go make it happen!

So grab your wallet and keys and head over   ASAP on tues morning before   someone else beats you to it! Gates open at 10AM

Good luck!

Times a wasting!

September 4, 2009, 6:39 pm
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Happy Labor Day Folks!!

In honor of Labor Day we invite you to take the day off and visit LoveSac at Ross Park mall for our SAC SALE!

Sac Sale??

YES we are doing 50% off your sac insert when you buy it with a full price instock cover.

Hurry it is only for this holiday weekend- Reward you hard working American back side with the most comfortable seat you can find- anywhere!

take advantage of the discount – NOW!!

Happy Labor Day!!

Labor day fiasco
September 4, 2009, 6:21 pm
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That’s right ladies and gentlemen! We’re coming in strong with the latest Labor day sale.

Starting today through Monday you can come in and get your lovesac!

Great for cookouts, last minute swimming and perhaps just soaking in the moment.


so if you come in this weekend you can get your very own LoveSac 50% off the insert with the purchase of a full price cover!!!!!!

I know… it’s cool.. I’m jealous too!

This is a moment you don’t want to pass up this holiday!