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April 14, 2010, 5:05 pm
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Hello Pittsburgh,

IT’S SPRING! Get your grill out. Get a tan. Get pumped up.  We have some news that’ll make you forget that the pirates are playing again.

You know that furniture you have? The boring, outdated, uncomfortable stuff that you’ve been waiting to get rid of? You better start throwing it out now to make room for some Sacs and Sactionals.We’re taking away all your excuses. Time to put it all on the table.

What? You’ve been waiting for a sale? BAM!

Thats right! SuperSac with Mushroom Special! Call your best friend and tell him to meet you down here, cause its gonna be a party. We’re not messing around. When you buy a SuperSac with Mushroom Plushsuede cover….

We’re gonna go ahead and spring clean 100 buckeroos off the price, cause we’re crazy like that. Oh, and while you’re here, you might as well get that Sport Utility Cover so you can take it outside during the first barbecues of the season. Not only are you gonna make the best chicken in history, you’re gonna do it in style.  How could life get any better?

What’s that? You’re broke right now? You’ve been saving up your cash to avoid interest? How’s this: BAM!

That’s right! We’ve done it this time. 18 months, no interest. NOOOOOO INTEREST! NONE!

You wanted a Sale, we’re giving you a sale. You hate interest, we’re letting you off the hook.

Got anymore excuses? We didn’t think so. Time to get down to your local LoveSac and bring some life back to your living room.