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Fathers Day Lovesac

“Peter Griffin’s got a Lovesac”…”Nooo wa-a-aay”…”I knoo-o-o-ow”

Listen, fathers…we have a deal going on here at Lovesac just for Father’s Day that may be of benefit to you. All you have to do is prove to us that you’re a dad and we can grant you $50 off your purchase of $299.99 or more.

Par example, Peter Griffin came in today to buy a SuperSac with Chocolate RhinoPhur ($649.98).  By showing us his wallet photo album of Chris, Meg, and Stewie, he was able to get that SuperSac for $599.98. Freakin’ Sweet!

So all you have to do is prove you’ve got some children floating out there and BOOM…$50 off. You deserve it, especially after having to put up with those brats all the time.

Have a HAPPY Father’s Day.

– Matt Mik


Bear Grylls VS Chuck Norris

I think it has been a good run for Chuck Norris, and his wicked round house kick, being the bar in which all manliness is measured.  But for poor Chuck there is a new standard.  His name is Bear Grylls.  You know, from man v wild and worst case scenario.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is where my proof is.  Consider the following,  Bear and Chuck are both hungry, notice their approach:

Using his best asset- Round-house kick.

This seems like a decent idea. Everyone wants to Round-house Kick someone sometime and for the cost of a ham sandwich it seems like a good deal.  But you would be fooled, you would be charged with assault with a deadly weapon (Chuck Norris)

We aren’t impressed either.

Now get ready to see what the proper way to get lunch is, when your short on cash….

Sushi the Man-Tastic Way

No cash?   No Fishing Gear?   No Stove?   No Manners?

No Problem!!

So it is pretty much black and white but you can vote on who you think is really tough as nails.  Then after comment and tell us why!

And Get to Ross Park Mall or South Hills Village and buy stuff from LOVESAC… your back side will thank you

Sactional Sale
June 4, 2010, 3:36 pm
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The most common comment/question besides “Look! There’s George Lopez! Does he have a Lovesac?” is “So…when are these things gonna go on sale?” Well, I have heard through the grapevine that right now we are having a sale on our discontinued Sactional covers! Crazy…I know.

So when you buy Sactional pieces – $199.99 per base (Khaki) and $99.99 per side ( Khaki), you can get the Luxury Covers (Red Velvish, Black Velvish, Mushroom Plushsuede, and Espresso Plushsuede) for $129.99 (was $149.99) for a base and $69.99 (was $79.99) for a side. You can also get Premium covers (Earth and Moss Microsuede) for $99.99 (was $129.99) base and $49.99 (was $69.99) side.

By the way...Your living room could look like this too.

This is only going on until Sunday June 6th…I know most of you have been waiting for this time to come, and now its here so by all means take advantage of it. Its about time to forfeit that old crumby couch anyway.  Your friends and family are probably already planning a couch intervention.

Someone had the right idea...

I hope to see you in here soon…

Matt Mik

Graduation Gift Idea?
June 1, 2010, 6:56 pm
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So your son, daughter, niece, and/or nephew is graduating and taking their next steps into the college world. What kind of gift do you have in mind…Money? C’mon now, that’s a cop out. Gift card? Lame! Basket filled with Ramen Noodles? That will be gone within the first week of class…trust me, I know from experience.

The perfect gift for that grad is probably something you weren’t even aware of…The PillowSac. This square fluffy piece of furniture is easy to move about a small common area in a dormitory, and very versatile.

The PillowSac can sit against a wall for easy sitting, so he/she may read those long reading assignments or catch up on the news.

It can be set on its side with one of the corners inverted to create a “Pea pod” lounge chair, which is perfect for relaxing after a long day of studying and participating in extra-curricular activity.

A Rocker Frame ($99.99) can be set on the back to rock allowing the PillowSac to stand alone without leaning against a wall.

Also, The PillowSac can lay on the ground and serve as an extra bed–almost like a futon nouveau.

Starting at only $249.99, that’s not a bad deal for multiple pieces of furniture all-in-one. They’ll probably be using the PillowSac for a long time after college.