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LoveSac & Courtney Cachet: Practical/Convenience meets Stylish/Chic.

Designer style meets LoveSac furniture, and I thoroughly believe you will not be disappointed.  Home designer and television personality, Courtney Cachet (, has teamed up with LoveSac to formulate some incredible covers that will allow everyone to have the style and flare of a Courtney Cachet brand piece with the convenience and reliability of a LoveSac Sactional.  I would like to keep most of the upcoming product a surprise; however, this is hard to keep a secret.

Here is one of the Courtney Cachet pieces soon to be released in LoveSac stores nationwide:

Here’s a good article for further reading:

If you would like to know more information about this upcoming launch, ask a LoveSac representative! New things are exciting.


Did somebody say “Free”?

I have a little bit of news for everyone who isn’t aware of the promotion we have in our stores.  (For some of you…this is old news, old old news). Well if this is new news, then I’m glad to be the one to let you know.  If you purchase a MovieSac (1-2 seater/5ft in diameter) or SuperSac (2-3 seater/6ft in diameter), you can get a Sport Utility Cover for free. Wait, let me rephrase that…ahem YOU CAN GET A SPORT UTILITY COVER FOR FREE!! That means you don’t have to spend extra money. That’s a good thing right? I believe so.

Here’s a visual of what your LoveSac will look like with a SUC on it:

Not sure if you’ll need the SUC (aka Sport Utility Cover)?  If you want to use your LoveSac in your yard, on your patio, or in the back of your friends pickup truck, then this cover is something you’d probably enjoy.  Also, it can make it easier for you to move your LoveSac; there are 2 straps attached to the cover to condense the sac down by releasing a small amount of air from the durafoam. There are handles, too, which allows you and and a friend to carry your MovieSac or SuperSac out of your humble abode and out into the world.

Warranty Registration
July 12, 2010, 6:27 pm
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Here’s an easy breakdown for all you new Sac’rs out there looking to get your AWESOME new furniture warrantied for LIFE!

Step One : Type in your URL search bar or just click this link (below) :

Step Two : Fill out the appropriate required fields completely and continue to the next step.

Step Three: It will ask for where you purchased your product. You will need to select a “Retail Store“, then select “South Hills Village“ or “Ross Park Mall”.

Step Four: Next you will need your transaction code from your receipt (at the top) given to you at time of purchase. Use the picture below to help identify where you can find this four digit transaction code number:

Step Five: Fill out the quick survey on the next page, then submit.

If done correctly, you should have a page pull up congratulating you on your NEWLY REGISTERED product, guaranteed for LIFE.

You can always contact us at the store if any questions, concerns, — or just want to talk

South Hills 412/831.1440  Ross Park 412/366.7227

We’ll See You Soon,

– Pittsburgh LoveSac –

New Rockingham Lovesac!
July 10, 2010, 7:02 pm
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We’ve got a newbie in the Lovesac realm and she’s located in the little town of Salem, New Hampshire. The hazing period for these youngsters have not begun yet, but I am sure there will be some hi-jinks and hullabaloo in store for them.

Some tips for the Rockingham store:
1. Utilize “mall rats” to train yourself for future sales. (This time of year they are abundant, so you have plenty of practice)
2. In accordance to Tip #1: You can have the mall rats earn their sitting time by fluffing the sacs for you. It is a way you can save valuable time and effort for other things.
3. Know your stuff. There is nothing worse than a sales associate making things up.
4. Remember those training videos? Those are really useful tools, don’t take them for granted.
5. Use your resources! You have the flyers, the web, your manager, and a phone to call any store across the country to ask questions.
6. Make friends with the customers. (But refrain from hitting on the customers no matter how tempting it may be)
7. In your down time you can always update the store Facebook, blog, or other social network (If you have access). However, do not let this interfere with customer interaction time.
8. Network! You can make sales through family, friends, and acquaintances.
9. Make sure everything is presentable. I know sometimes it can be overwhelming to fluff sacs, but every customer should have the same experience.
10. Cliche, but have fun with it.

If there are anymore tips for the new Rockingham store from other stores, please enter them in the Comment section.