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LoveSac Post-Thanksgiving Pre-Cyber Monday Somewhere In Between Promo!

This is what all of the waiting has come down to – the biggest Black Friday sale in LoveSac History. The only catch is you have to get here early.

From store open at 5:00am to 5:59am everything in the store* will be 50% off. That’s right – Sacs, Covers, Other Comfy Stuff (including the luxurious King Blanket and adorable Nooder and Spade, among other things), Accessories, and even Sactionals. Sactionals are going to be 50% off if you get here within the first hour. And of course you can’t forget the packages – the SuperSac Manor Suede package will be at $530, with the similar CitySac ManorSuede Package at $265 during the 50% sale.

Once the clock strikes 6, from 6:00am to 6:59am the sale will be 30% off all of the same products. It’s still a great deal, but enough to make you rethink hitting the snooze button those extra few times.

For you late starters, from 7:00am until close of business you’ll be able to save 15% off of everything*. For those of you dead set on sleeping in, this is no 50% off – however if you’re looking for a big purchase, especially with Sactionals or a lot of Sacs, 15% can really add up fast!

*Discounts do not apply to Custom Order Covers from any of the four Custom Order books, Courtney Cachet Grey Chenille, Courtney Cachet Pillow Package, or the limited edition Sheepskin SuperSac covers, although you are more than welcome to purchase those at full price. Sorry guys, the rest is free game! Depending on availability and store stock levels, Sac and Sactional purchases will be able to be picked up same day (First come First serve.)


The LoveSac Bins
November 4, 2010, 3:57 pm
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You know how sometimes your favorite clothing retailer discounts last seasons clothes by separating them in bins?  Well we’ve done something very similar here at LoveSac.  We have 4 separate bins with some awesome surprise deals in each.

Bin #1: Gently Used & Mis-matched Covers

These are covers that were either on the floor or returned from customers who didn’t want the cover for whatever reason.  Prices for each cover are in the following image…

Bin #2: $5 Bin

You can rock out with a LoveSac t-shirt or slip into some furry slippers for…$5? This is cheaper than a meal at the food court and I’m certain each item would last a lot longer.

Bin #3: $10 Each Accessories

We have some last-gen TubeSacs, Squattoman covers, SodaSacs, and some sactional back pillow covers.  It would make a nice addition to something you already own, or complement a Sac or Sactional you’re thinking about buying.

Bin #4: $10 Per Foot Sac Covers

This contains last-gen covers for Sacs.  Some of these covers are marked down to about 80% off of the original retail value.  This would be the perfect way to get a Sac into your home/apartment/dorm without harming your change purse, especially if you’re a student.


Now that I’ve shared this knowledge with you, this blog will now self-destruct (j/k lol).

Much love,

Matt Mik & the LoveSac Pittsburgh Crew