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LoveSac + Courtney Cachet: A Continuation

Now that the Courtney Cachet line has been officially released, I can reveal to you the trendy new covers. I am sure each designer cover would love nothing more than have you sit on it.

What new covers were brought into this world you ask? There is actually a set of triplets.

One of the new covers is Blue Dot, which simple enough as it sounds actually contains a nice pattern of blue dots throughout the fabric. Looks perfect on this SuperSac.


The next cover is the Yellow Damask. This yellow floral design is elegant enough for The Queens quarters, yet it has a modern twist perfect for a loft apartment.


The last of this trichotomy is the simple and stylish Grey Quilted pattern. This pattern looks pretty snazzy on any Sactional piece.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                                                                                                                                                                All of these covers will be available for both the Sactionals and Sacs. Check the Courtney Cachet line out at:

The Pittsburgh LoveSac Crew


Looking for the most comfortable living room furniture? Come to LoveSac!
January 27, 2010, 7:27 pm
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LoveSac’s Motto: Making people’s lives more comfortable!

It has been PROVEN Pittsburgh, LoveSac is in FACT the most comfortable and the most incredible living room furniture out there!

You need PROOF you say? Take a gander at our customer who got so comfortable he fell ASLEEP!
No gimmick, no actors hired… just a regular Joe looking for the most incredible living room furniture out there!
Needless to say, I think he found it! Nope… correction, I KNOW he found it!
-he knows it too!

See, unlike your sectional, couch and ottoman at home… LoveSac offers Sactionals, the evolution to home furnishing!

The Sactional is a sectional, sofa, love seat, chaise, arm chair and/or ottoman that, has the added benefit of removable covers that are machine washable. That way, you can sit comfortably worry free and are never stuck with a dirty sofa. Just take the covers off and toss them in your washing machine.

With a few bases and a few sides, you can build just about any configuration you can imagine… Lego style.
Check out LoveSac’s 69 different positions and really change the way your living room furniture looks.

So throw your old living room furniture away, especially that old couch, and modernize your home furniture… the LoveSac way!

Check out everything LoveSac has to offer in making your living room furniture the most comfortable and the most incredible living room furniture out there, at it’s not a dirty website.

Have a Sac’Tabulous day Pittsburgh, we here at LoveSac are looking forward to making YOUR life more comfortable!